An Unusual Month

Hot and dry conditions have been prevalent throughout June

Tony Lupo, a University of Missouri professor of atmospheric sciences, had one word to describe the rather hot and dry month of June: unusual. “When you have a strong El Niño like we did this winter, the summers are hot and dry,” Lupo said. “That heat is usually upfront, in the months of June and July.” Lupo said his team predicted the hot June temperatures back in January. El Niño was…

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Stretching Feed Supplies

MU Beef Nutritionist Justin Sexten helps producers extend forage supplies through the winter

MU Beef Nutritionist Justin Sexten explains the process of adding nitrogen fertilizer to hay forage supplies to improve nutrition and digestibility. For the second year in a row, Missouri farmers endured a significant drought, stressing crops, impacting yields and limiting forage supplies for livestock producers. Justin Sexten, beef nutritionist in CAFNR’s Division of Animal Sciences, partnered…

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New Pasture Strategies

Forage Systems Research Center hosts Summer Pasture Workshop

The past few summers have been dry and hot across much of the Midwest, leaving many livestock producers short of pasture in July and August. Producers can learn the latest strategies to insure healthy summer pastures at Forage Systems Research Center’s summer pasture workshop March 19 at 1:30 p.m. Located near Linneus, Mo., the Center is one of 17 around the state at which the College of…

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