Getting the Best Information for Your Land

FSRC's Field Day on Sept. 23 features educational talks for cattle ranchers and landowners

Justin Sexten, associate Extension professor, will talk at this year’s Field Day about weaning management and nutrition. Across the state of Missouri, the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (CAFNR) has more than 14,000 acres dedicated to regional research. That valuable information extends to producers through Field Days featuring the latest beneficial information from your…

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To Pastures and Beyond

John Lory's 'Skylab' looks to the future of forage management

Skylab is a unique tractor equipped with several sensors used to monitor forages. The … Expand ▸Skylab is a unique tractor equipped with several sensors used to monitor forages. The tractor’s high clearance allows researchers to collect data from a pasture multiple times and not cause impact to the forages. It looks like something from a science fiction tale or…

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Stretching Feed Supplies

MU Beef Nutritionist Justin Sexten helps producers extend forage supplies through the winter

MU Beef Nutritionist Justin Sexten explains the process of adding nitrogen fertilizer to hay forage supplies to improve nutrition and digestibility. For the second year in a row, Missouri farmers endured a significant drought, stressing crops, impacting yields and limiting forage supplies for livestock producers. Justin Sexten, beef nutritionist in CAFNR’s Division of Animal Sciences, partnered…

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Putting Cows to Work

Study examines winter feeding strategies to improve pastures

Cows eat unrolled hay at Forage Systems Research Center near Linneus, Mo. John Lory is in the business of moving and managing nutrients. Lory, an extension associate professor in the Division of Plant Sciences at MU, is exploring three winter feeding strategies to evaluate the best way to use manure from cattle to fertilize the pasture for the following season. Lory said winter feeding practices…

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