Forage Systems Research Center

Research at this Center improves the quality of forage grass and determines its best use. An early promoter of management-intensive grazing, it supports the ag industry through courses in rotational grazing, cattle management and the economics of beef and forage. The interactions of cattle, plants and soil are necessary to understand cause/effect relationships in beef/forage systems. Since 1990, more than 3,000 farmers and educators from several states have attended the three-day intensive Missouri Grazing School.

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Weather Updates at Your Fingertips

It was 25 years ago when Pat Guinan, with the help of the University of Missouri’s Extension Commercial Agriculture Program, established the first of a small network of automated weather stations…

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Promoting Farm Safety

The University of Missouri College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources’ Forage Systems Research Center hosted more than 90 fifth grade students from three local schools on Wednesday, May 3…

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A Syrupy Tradition

For a guy who doesn’t like pancakes, Dave Davis generally has quite a stockpile of maple syrup at his house during the early part of each year. Davis, superintendent of the University of Missouri…

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Promoting Environmental Stewardship

The Missouri Department of Agriculture has always put a strong focus on commending farmers, producers, ranchers and landowners who are good stewards of the resources in their care. The Missouri…

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